The Party General Branch of MicroPort Recognized as Shanghai Outstanding Grass-roots Party

Shanghai, June 29, 2012--The Party Construction of Shanghai Non-public Enterprises and the 91st Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China Conference which is co-organized by Shanghai Municipal Party of CPC, Shanghai Social Service of Party Committee, and Shanghai New Economic and New Social Organization was held. There were 101 outstanding grass-roots party organizations and 50 individuals received rewards, and MicroPort’s general Party branch was placed on the top of the honored list.
Dr. Zhaohua Chang, the Chairman and Executive Director of MicroPort, and Mr. Yimin Xu, the Vice President of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs of MicroPort, attended the conference. Dr. Zhaohua Chang made a speech on the subject of Contributions of Party Construction to Enterprises Development. Mr. Yicui Yin, Shanghai Deputy Party Secretary, praised highly for MicroPort managements’ effort on creating vertical horizontal organizational structure which can be taken example by other enterprises.