Three Projects of MicroPort Selected in the 2011 Science & Technology Innovation Plan by STCSM

MicroPort submitted the "Research of the Technical Standard for Minimally Invasive Intervention of Biological Valves" and "Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center for Minimally Invasive Intervention and Implantable Devices" projects in December 2011 and three have been selected for the 2011 Science and Technology Innovation Plan, by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal (STCSM), for the Technological Standard Subject(category) and the Shanghai Engineering R&D Center Construction Subject (category), respectively. The Technological Standard Subject aims to establish a set of industrial, national and international standards with independent intellectual property rights, achieved through studies of standard systems, leading products and key accessories technological criterion. The Shanghai Engineering R&D Center Construction Subject primarily focuses on minimally invasive medical devices and anti-cancer drugs in the biomedical field. Significantly, it aims to strengthen Engineering-orientated R&D abilities and achieve transformation in accordance with the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Plan strategic key and common technology problems for emerging industries.
The "Clinical Evaluation and Technology Research for Cardiovascular Interventional Devices", jointly applied by MicroPort, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Changhai Hospital, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Gateway Medical Innovation Center, has also selected in the Science and Technology Innovation Plan as an industry-institution-hospital joint cooperation project. It is the first time STCSM has sought to initiate further collaboration and cooperation between our industry, academic institutions, and hospitals in the biomedical field.