Trademark Information

Recently, seven trademarks of MicroPort Medical(Shanghai)Co., Ltd have been registered upon approval by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) of the P.R.C., including the registration of "MicroPort" and “微创” on cross different classes and commodities group for the purpose of defensive protection, and the registration of the new design of the Company's LOGO and combined trademark design on the company primary trade and business. A variety of trademark registration strategies will ensure the significant trademarks of the company to be fully protected.
In addition, MicroPort Orthopedics has obtained ten trademark registration certificates by SAIC, including “前路”, “火石”, “驯鹿”, “毅行者”, "Trailwalker", "Firestone", "Antelope", "Anterior", "Reindeer", and "Mountever", which would lay a well foundation for MicroPort Orthopedics to establish its own brands.