Tubridge Parent Artery Reconstruction Device Initiated Clinical Trial

Shanghai, October 28th, 2012--The Opening Ceremonyof PARAT(Parent Artery Reconstruction for Large Cerebal Aneurysms using TubridgeTM) clinical trial was held successfully in Crowne PlazaFudan, Shanghai. The purpose of PARAT, a prospective, multicenter, and randomized controlled trial, is to demonstratethe safety and efficacy for the treatment of Large Cerebral Aneurysms of MicroPort next generation vascular reconstruction device, TubridgeTM.
PARAT clinical trialis primarily conductedby Changhai Hospital of Shanghai, and co-sponsoredby other 13 clinical centers. Professor Jianmin Liu from Changhai Hospital, Professor Zhongxue Wu from Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, Professor Peng Zhang from Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University, and Professor Chen Yao from Peking University together with other professors attended the Ceremony. During the meeting, the clinical trial protocol was being confirmed and it provided solid foundation for the future development for the trial.
Bo Peng, Chief Marketing Officer of MicroPort, addressed the conference that "After the introduction of APOLLO (Intracranial Stent System) and Willis®(Intracranial Stent Graft System), TubridgeTM Parent Artery Reconstruction device will provide yet another technological advancement in the field of vascular reconstruction and lay a solid foundation for Shanghai MicroPort NeuroTech Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MicroPort, to become theindustry leader in neuro interventional field in China."
Featured by the dense mesh with high metal coverage, TubridgeTM Parent Artery Reconstruction device is placed at the target aneurysm to reconstruct vessel and to cure the aneurysms by changing the direction of bloodstream.The innovative treatment concept of TubridgeTM benefits those Large Cerebral Aneurysms patients because it prevents high recurrence rate and reduces medical costs.