Dr. Zhaohua Chang Attended the Symposium for Non-Public Economy Representatives

On the morning of March 26, the Symposium for Non-Public Economy Representatives was held by Shanghai Municipal Committee and Government, at which Secretary Zhengsheng Yu, Mayor Zheng Han along with Xiaodu Yang, Municipal Commissioner and Minister of United Front Department of Party Committee, Vice Mayor Yanzhao Hu, Xinkui Wang, Vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC were present and communicated amiably with dozens of private entrepreneurs. MicroPort Chairman Dr. Zhaohua Chang was present at the meeting as a representative of non-public and High-tech enterprise. During the 2 hours of meeting, 11 private enterprises proposed their opinions and suggestions on such issues as the further improvement of policy environment which is beneficial for the SMEs coming from the rest of China to Shanghai to establish and develop themselves; the resolution of the difficulties in financing of private companies; the establishment of new brands in national traditional industries with importance attached to development; the constitution of the new mechanism of scientific innovation which fits the characteristics of Shanghai, etc.