Zunyi MicroPort Hope Primary School Completed

Zunyi MicroPort Hope Primary School, the second Hope Primary School built by MicroPort was officially completed and put to use in Chishui, Guizhou Province on June 28th, 2013. The idea of opening a primary school was initially advocated by a 70-year-old retired teacher and the construction started in November, 2012. The primary school is located in Longwang, Chishui, a remote undeveloped mountainous area of Guizhou Province. It covers an area of 6,593 square meters and has 7 classrooms, as well as library, multi-media classroom, cafeteria, playground and so on. The school can accommodate 210 children and provide them with various learning resources, modern teaching facilities and better living conditions. The 1.8 million RMB to fund the construction project was through MicroPort corporate sponsorship including its 860 employees' participation in the company-wide donation program. MicroPort will continue providing the primary school with various resources to improve its facilities, thus allowing the local students to enjoy the equal educational opportunities as most people do in urban areas in China.
Local government officials, representatives from MicroPort and 200 teachers, students and local residents attended the opening ceremony.