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Our responsibility to shareholders is to enhance their asset value, delivering added-value and steady returns. MicroPort®, maintains a sustained and steady business development, builds a sound corporate governance structure and constantly improves the level of overall risk management.

MicroPort®’s operation model and the innovation system of innovation reactor position our company to succeed in a highly competitive and sophisticated industry while continuously driving innovation, to remain competitive in the short and long term. This enables us to reach more patients with our solutions aiming to improve and prolong their lives.

In order to effectively support the achievement of the company's strategic objectives, MicroPort® organizes and carefully allocates financial resources and sets up an internal audit department to forecast, analyze and monitor operational and financial risks, so as to timely discover and mitigate risks and establish supervision and risk control mechanism.

Under the direct leadership of CFO, the internal audit department constantly reports the definition and implementation of internal control system to the audit committee of the board of directors, while empowering internal audit departments and personnel to carry out internal control review and risk assessment.

At the same time, an independent consulting company supplements the internal audit, assisting relevant departments to ensure an independent and fair evaluation that more objectively reflect the company's internal control operation and operational risks.

With a pipeline of over a hundred products under development, how to efficiently allocate resources to advance the development of as many products as possible poses big challenges.

MicroPort® answer to these challenges was the development of an Innovation and Commercialization Platform that could pool corporate sources to fuel the growth of our subsidiary business, avoid redundancies and build a world-class medical device research center.

The 1+12+1 Innovation and Commercialization Platform is formed by “1” front stage platform for the regular hosting of academic forums promoting innovation; “12” supporting R&D platforms to translate ideas into meaningful innovation; “1” backstage platform for incorporating big data, information technology and internet into the company’s day to day operations.

This unique way of understanding innovation is one of the most important reasons that make MicroPort® different. In a way, it is a “Doctor to Doctor” closed loop where innovation that starts from doctors’ innovative ideas are funneled through all the different aspects of product development to come back to doctors through constant medical education and training. This is how MicroPort lives its purpose to prolong and reshape the lives of patients everywhere.