MicroPort® as an employer

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At MicroPort® our talent is of the utmost importance. We provide our employees with a harmonious and positive working environment and offer attractive remunerations and benefits. With clearly defined career plans and tailored professional training, our aim is for our employees to grow along with our company.

We understand that the best way to move forward is to operate as a united team – we believe that ongoing collaboration leads to a dynamic environment, which benefits our clients, our employees, the patients and ultimately the whole company.

We are committed to create an environment that supports our employees’ personal growth, training and development to build a high performing learning organization.

Our development strategy and human resource planning strive to match our employee’s skills and provide the required training with those needed by the position to drive personal growth and career development.

Our talent development programs include academic training allowance, induction/on-the-job training, off-site seminars, classroom learning, e-learning system, leadership and management development, professional skills development, customized training, general skills, in-house instructor training program, among many others.

We are committed to provide a safe working environment for all our employees. That is integral part of our responsibility.

We operate in compliance with laws and regulations of every place we operate. In addition, we have established different monitoring and occupational measures that are in constant review and improvement aimed to increase employees safety.

Since the production process of the company's products involves chemicals and special equipment, the company complies with the "regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals", "regulations on the safety supervision of special equipment" and other relevant laws and regulations.

We implemented an annual third-party detection of occupational risk factors of each company in the group, aiming to identify and reduce or eliminate the risk of occupational hazards.

MicroPort® college continues to optimize the innovation environment for our employees:

Macmillan college:

  • A professional, sustainable and progressive platform for academic communication and exchange.
  • It provides effective ideas, countermeasures and methods for the development of translational medicine.
  • There are clinical training colleges, research and development colleges and non-clinical colleges, which have a large number of high-quality talents.

Institute of innovation:

  • Develop appropriate programs and development approaches based on employee responsibilities and development needs