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When you use any of MicroPort ® social media channels you commit to comply with these Terms of Use and the terms of use and policies of the social platform from which you have accessed these Terms of Use.

We think of social media as an opportunity to share what is important to us and what we think is important to you, as well as to stay close to our community and hear your voices. You can engage with us through @mentions, comments or direct messages. We do our best to stay connected with you and reply to queries as fast as we can. However, we work in a highly regulated industry and some conversations or contents cannot be allowed on our channels.

Here are some guidelines that we must follow and we ask you to do the same.

Product Promotion

There are very important and strict regulations that govern our industry. If your post references a product (whether it is MicroPort’s or from a third party) or a medical device brand, we will need to remove it from the page. If you have any questions on products and you are a healthcare professional, we invite you to visit https://www.microport.com. If you are not a healthcare professional, please consider that the most reliable source of information about our products is your healthcare professional who is best prepared and trained for their use.

Adverse events

We take issues related to our products very seriously. Please report all adverse events or product complaints to MicroPort subsidiary or distributor in your home country. If you need more information you can also contact us at our global website at https://microport.com/about-us/contact-us. If you do share via social media, we may get in contact with you to ask for more information. In order to protect your privacy and comply with applicable regulation, we may also remove the post.

Medical advice

We recommend you to consult with your healthcare professional in relation to any pathology and/or medical advice. Personal health information is best discussed in private.

Off Topic Conversation

MicroPort’s channels are an open space for all users who are interested in the topics we love and publish. We would like to ensure that we respect this, by ensuring that all conversations are relevant and valuable. In light of this, we may delete messages that are spam, are off topic, use profanity, make unsupported accusations or violate the MicroPort’s or the specific platform’s Terms of Use.

Examples of inappropriate or off-topic messages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, harassing, abusive, vulgar, sexually explicit, inappropriate with respect to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, other intrinsic characteristic, or religion, threatening comments, or hate propaganda;
  • Calls to violence of any kind;
  • Activity that violates any law or regulation;
  • Attempts to target MicroPort or MicroPort followers to offer goods or services, of either a commercial or private nature;
  • Spam directed at MicroPort or any of MicroPort’s followers, including any form of automatically generated content or repeatedly posting the same content;
  • Content that includes medical advice that may be unsolicited and/or unverified;
  • Content deemed to constitute an unapproved use of any of our products or is otherwise false or misleading;
  • Any potential infringement upon any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, brand names, trade names, logos, copyrights or trade secrets of any person, business or place;
  • Other content deemed to be off-topic or to disrupt the purposes of the channel, its followers, and its sense of community and acceptance;
  • Content unrelated to MicroPort; and
  • Content posted by fake or anonymous users.

If there is a situation not outlined above which requires us to remove your comment, we may do so. Please be aware that MicroPort reserves the right to delete posts at its discretion.

Third Party Opinions Statements and Links

Please keep in mind that MicroPort does not create, control, represent, or endorse any opinions or statements expressed by others within its social media channels, including those that Follow/Like MicroPort and those Followed/Liked by MicroPort and that any content posted by anyone other than MicroPort is the responsibility of the submitter and not MicroPort. Further, each social media platform, which is an independent platform, and links which take you out of our social media channels, websites, and digital assets, are not under the control of MicroPort, and MicroPort is not responsible for the terms and conditions, privacy policy, or content of any such site or any further links from such site. Any links to non-MicroPort properties provided on MicroPort’s social media channels are provided only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the linked site by MicroPort. Also, please keep in mind that if MicroPort follows another user’s account, “likes” another page, re-tweets, “favorites,” shares, or otherwise re-posts another user’s content, such an action does not constitute an endorsement.

Data privacy

Please be aware that third-party platforms have access to the information that you share via social media. For more details, please read the platform’s Privacy Policy.

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