Dual Sensor™

Physiologic rate response

Twin trace is designed to physiologically modulate the heart rhythm by combining Accelerometer and Minute Ventilation sensors.

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Combined sensors for physiologic response to suit patient activity.

  1. Accelerometer sensor: Fast response at the beginning and end of exercise.
  2. Minute Ventilation sensor: Physiologically-based sensor detects increased metabolic need and adapts pacing rate in proportion to exercise.
  3. Sensor cross-checking: The two sensors continually cross-check each other, preventing unnecessary rate increases due to artifacts.

How it works

  1. The Accelerometer sensor is the first to detect an activity phase: Twin trace immediately adapts pacing rate to this “acceleration” information.
  2. As the Minute Ventilation sensor detects the activity phase: Twin trace then adapts the pacing rate to the “minute ventilation” information.
  3. The Accelerometer sensor is the first to detect the end of activity: Twin trace then initiates the recovery phase to the basic rate.
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