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MicroPort® is also active in various other fields such as diabetes, interventional technology, occluders, rehabilitation and reproductive health.

Diabetes and endocrinal management

In the field of diabetes, MicroPort® has developed the La Fenice® Insulin pump and the Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion pump - a 'high tech' needle and syringe containing a supply of GnRH.

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Interventional technology

In the field of interventional technology we’ve developed the KW membrane oxygenator, used to add oxygen to, and remove carbon dioxide from the blood.

The Evermend™ VSD occluders are designed for the percutaneous, transcatheter occlusion of ventricular septal defects (VSD).

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Rehabilitation and patient care

MicroPort®’s DynBite® is an ideal rehabilitation tool for clinicians and therapists, utilizing dynamic draft technology to treat jaw opening limitation due to muscle injuries, surgeries, tumor radiation therapies, osteoarthritis, temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, post-infection or post-traumatic causes.

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Reproductive health

In reproductive health, our Lotus™ ovum aspiration needle’s unique humanized design obtains the highest quality eggs in the safest possible way, improving operative success rate and the comfort of operators, and reducing the trauma of ovarian puncture to the patient.

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