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Insulin Pump – La Fenice®

La Fenice® Insulin pump ("La Fenice®) is a medical aid for the treatment of diabetics, mainly suffering from diabetes mellitus. La Fenice® supplies at intervals a basal dose of insulin

which covers the usual daily dose of insulin. To cover food intake so-called bolus doses are applied. It resembles pancreatic secretion which is missing in diabetics.


  1. The adjustable injection force can keep the transfusion flowing, decreasing the possibility of obstruction.
  2. With the four unique bolus modes, normal wave, rectangle wave, triangle wave and double wave, it helps to meet different dietetic needs.
  3. The minimal injection precision can be 0.004U.
  4. The cartridge can be positioned automatically and precisely. This function not only makes it more convenient to operate the product but also helps to avoid the possibility of any error or inconvenience caused by manual positioning.
  5. With the use of iron-electric memorizer, data can be stored permanently.
  6. To give you peace of mind, a security alarm function activates when a situation such as, the drug running out, the injection stopping, the battery running low or an obstruction, occurs.
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Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion Pump – La Fenice®

The Hypophyseal Hormone Infusion pump is a battery-powered device much like an insulin pump. It is essentially a 'high tech' needle and syringe arrangement containing a supply of GnRH.

The Infusion Pump is designed to meet the needs of physicians and patients for the treatment of Idiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism (IHH), also known as Kallmann Syndrome. Equipped with pulse infusion via micro pump technology, the Infusion Pump stimulates hypophysis to excrete Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)/ luteinizing hormone (LH) by simulating pulse excretion of human gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in order to make patients recover from abnormally physiological regulated function.


  1. Promotes and maintains the development of the second trait Respond to fertility.
  2. Improves adult growth hormone deficiency.
  3. Increases bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  4. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular events.
  5. Restores sexual function, improve sexual desire and quality of life.
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