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One of the fastest growing heart valve company in the world.

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MicroPort CardioFlow established in 2015, is dedicated to providing advanced minimally invasive therapies for structural heart diseases. Our vision, is to bring cutting edge technologies into treatment development, in order to optimize clinical outcomes, and improve patients’ quality of life, with reliable, superior and accessible solutions. We are driven by 3 aspects:

  • Focus: Focusing on fulfilling unmet clinical needs for cardiac valvar disease, and improve education for healthcare professionals, so together we can improve patient’s quality of life
  • Innovation: Driving the development of new therapies with an innovative spirit, to realize advance, reliable and accessible clinical solutions.
  • Globalization: Providing premium therapeutic solutions to address patient’s clinical needs across the globe, lead as a responsible international medical solutions provider.

VitaFlow™ Aortic Valve System

More Precision, More Durability, More Freedom

VitaFlow Aortic Valve, uses bovine pericardial leaflets to provide enhanced valve durability, its innovative frame and skirt designs deliver reliable hemodynamic performance, and dependable clinical outcomes for patients.

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Bovine Valve with Vital-X™ Anti-calcification Treatment

VitaFlow™ Aortic Valve features a proprietary Vital-X™ technology which extracts phospholipids and cholesterol from pericardial leaflets, which stabilizes collagen formation. This prevents valve leaflets from calcification, minimizes structural valve deterioration, and prolongs valve durability.

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Hybrid Density Frame with PET Skirts

Reduced risk for Para-valvular Leak

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VitalFlow Delivery System

VitalFlow™ Delivery System with an exclusive design specialized for stable and accurate delivery of the VitaFlow™ Aortic Valve, its proprietary motorized handle allows for the precise controlling of the guidewire while deploying the valve by a single operator.

Heart Valve Vita Flow delivery system 4

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